Easter Cross Keys, Mini Minors & XUK Day Camp

Easter camp has come and gone and what a great couple of weeks it was! We welcomed hordes of eager children awaiting a crazy fun-fuelled week of activities into Cross Keys and Mini Minors day camps! Want to hear what we got up to?

Easter Camp Week 1

This Easter, Mini Minors and XUK day camp opened its doors for the first time since summer! It was great to see our returning staff, children and of course our trusted mascot, the Lion!! The first week at Mini Minors and XUK day camp zoomed by!! We fenced, decorated, got messy, went on bug hunts, saw Mr Tickle the Clown AND we got the chance to hold and pet real life Easter chicks!! Our day campers held the chicks with excitement gleaming from their eyes! Yes, this is how we celebrate Easter at Mini Minors and XUK Day! To finish the week off we had an end of the week show!! If you haven’t heard about our show, you are at a loss! Our talented children came together to perform to the rest of our day campers - some of our children sang, some danced and we even saw gymnastics! What an amazing end to the week!

Meanwhile, over at Cross Keys our art, sport and apprentices group were busy! Our art group celebrated Kandinsky and spring throughout the week and created a magnificent display for parents to see! It included beautiful clay flower pots, origami, multi-coloured fish and a Kandinsky canvas.

Our Sports group were put to the test! They practiced their soccer, rounders, basketball and bowling skills (to name a few). All of this hard work was worthwhile as the children competed in the Cross Keys Olympics on the Thursday!! Teams battled it out and showed great sportsmanship!

Apprentices celebrated Easter and spring time in true style! They made their own Easter and spring cards, baskets and to finish it off went on a gigantic Easter egg hunt! Not only did we do this but we made our own Hama beads, we competed in an obstacle course, tried out a spot of yoga AND watched crazy science experiments!!

Easter Camp Week 2

On the second week at Easter camp, we were bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready for the activities ahead!

At Mini Minors, our 3-4s and 5-6s had another jam-packed week full of multi- activities. We had boat, snail and kite races, parachute games, soccer skills and we made masks, play dough and flower pots. Not only this, but Mini Minors and XUK Day camp learnt how to cheer-lead and street dance with our specialist dance entertainer, Dan! We were both shocked and amazed at how good our campers were!

Over at XUK Day camp we created fairies in a jar, we teamed up with Cross Keys sports group and played a competitive game of rounders, and we decorated eggs and made our own stained glass windows!

Cross Keys Sport group help the Olympics again this week. Our happy campers competed against each other to become the new winner! Activities included the long throw, a football match, a relay race, bowling, badminton and hockey! Who knew we could fit so many different sports activities into a week?!

Cross Keys art group created beautiful art work with a focus on the rainforest. They painted, sculpted, drew and used all sorts of techniques to create their own rainforest and animals! They made monkeys, chameleons and talking parrots!

Thanks to all that came to our Easter day camps , we cannot wait to organise yet another summer full of exciting activities at Cross Keys and Mini Minors!!

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