A first at XUK - Citizen of the Week is crowned for second time in two years!

A first at XUK - our Citizen of the Week is crowned for the second time in two years!

Yes, it's true! We have a new record for XUK! We are so pleased that Erica Gould has received our Citizen of the Week accolade. She won the prize during XUK 2010 and has now received it for Week 1 in 2011. No camper has ever achieved this before! Well done Erica!! Erica received a trophy and wins a free week at XUK in 2012!

Today has been very wet at XUK with rain falling all day long. We still managed a jam packed day of activities with circus skills, cooking drama games, face painting and duck duck goose! We had a table tennis tournament too before our talent show which included lots of dancing, singing and piano playing. Well done to everyone who took part. We are just about to finish our disco which has been pumping out some quality tunes tonight.

We are sure there will be some sad goodbyes as several campers are leaving tomorrow or transferring to our new language school, XUK English, which is very exciting for them! We hope to see them again next year and are ready to welcome our new campers in tomorrow for the start of Week 2!!