Children Holiday Camps
Children Holiday Camps

Is it your child’s first time at camp?

Year after year parents book their children onto our day and residential camps for the first time! Naturally, we receive many questions about our schedules, our activities and also about our settling in procedure at camp. We understand more than anyone about a child’s first experience at camp (we would even consider ourselves experts!). We know that for some children the first time at camp can be very daunting – but also very exciting as well! Is it your child’s first time at our camps? Read on to find out what we do to ensure your child has the best summer with us!

Residential Camps
Residential Camps

First time at our Residential Camps?

At XUK Activity and XUK English it is our priority to provide a safe, family orientated and friendly environment for your children during the summer. Our staff are committed to ensuring that your children are happy – and this is why all of our children leave with unforgettable memories about their summer!

On arrival we ensure that your children immediately settle into the XUK way of life. As your child glides into camp, they will find an array of activities dotted around the grounds and staff floating to and fro introducing themselves – it is difficult not to feel the XUK vibes!

Once everyone has arrived at camp, your child will meet their dorm and their dorm leader (this is where the fun begins!). The dorm leader will be your child’s first port of call if they have any worries or if they need any help! They will wake your children up with a smiley face in the morning, take them to breakfast, lunch and dinner and put them back to bed! Meeting your dorm for the first time is a special experience (and unforgettable) – this is where your children will build friendships that will last a lifetime!

Many of our first time campers settle into our residential camps very quickly – with an amazing network of friends and staff, as well as a week packed full of exciting activities, it would be hard not to!

First time at our Day camps?

Is it your child’s first time at Mini Minors and Cross Keys day camps?

At day camp, we provide a stimulating and fun environment for your children to have the best week of their lives!

On arrival at day camp, your child’s group leader will be around to introduce themselves and for you to talk to. If you have any concerns about your child, or you are worried about them settling in – our group leaders are the best people to talk to! They can keep an extra eye on your child and feedback to you during pick up time!

Our experienced and qualified staff are experts at helping children settle into the day’s activities. With a jam-packed timetable full of multi-activities, most of our children get stuck in, settle very easily and are eager to return the following day!!!

Don’t forget – if your child really wants to be put in a group with their friends, you can request this whilst booking their place!

If you have any further questions about our residential or day camps, please do get in touch! You can email us, live chat us or call us on 020 8371 9686.

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