Getting children back outdoors

Climbing a tree or building a den with friends outside is a dying art
Climbing a tree or building a den with friends outside is a dying art

The current generation are growing up in a world that revolves around technology! Climbing a tree or building a den with friends outside is a dying art.

These activities are not only fun, but an important element of a young person’s development, from both a practical and social point of view.

This combined with the knock back experienced during COVID-19 lockdowns, youngsters’ development has been restricted.

So how do we turn this round..? By getting kids back outdoors!

immersive summer camp experience
immersive summer camp experience

Summer camps are a great way to take children out of their normal routine and into a fully immersive summer experience where they will be afforded the opportunity to socialise and make friends with individuals from all over the world.

Programmes such as XUK Excel’s Outdoor & Adventure elective provides an array of opportunities to get back to nature and develop those practical life skills that have been neglected over the past few years!

Activities such as bridge building, fire making and bush craft create a platform for campers to build on skills such as communication and teamwork.

Finding new hobbies is also a great way to get your children out of the house more and develop a passion for sports and activities they never even knew they has a knack for.

This can be a challenging and expensive task!

Children are often drawn to activities or sports but as soon as they are signed up for a course of lessons, lose interest and don’t want to pursue.

What if there was a place where children and teenagers could be exposed to a huge range of unique and quirky activities all in one place?

XUK Camps offer programmes that expose children and teenagers to a huge range of outdoor and adventure task in the mornings, then in the afternoons participants can choose from a range of arts & crafts, sport and creative arts activities to dip their toes in a massive variety of experiences.

The residential element of these types of programmes enable your child to become more independent and resilient.

Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award summer camps
Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award summer camps

Further perks of teens attending a residential summer camp, they can sign off the residential element of the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award. Any of the XUK Residential camp experiences are acceptable for the ‘residential element’ of the Gold Award, you must double check with your DofE Leader prior to attending camp to confirm you intend to complete this element with XUK.

All of these benefits of course come with a cost, but the earlier you book the more you can save.

Invest in your child’s future and get them out of the house this summer!