5 thoughts you might have on your first day of summer camp

The first day of summer camp... Some of us will be ecstatic and cannot get there quick enough, we’ve been counting down the days since we last left. For others their tummies will be full of butterflies, they’re about to go to a new place and for some it might be their first time away from home. Here are some thought you might have as a camper during your first day at summer camp...

1. How am I going to make friends?

Some of our campers come to summer camp with siblings, cousins or friends and plenty come alone too. Whether you are coming alone or with someone from back home your time at camp will give you so many opportunities to make new friends. And those friends are likely to turn into friends for life.

Start off by getting to know the other boys or girls in your dormitory. Find common ground – do they watch the same TV shows as you? Have you visited the same country before? Do you like the same bands? What’s their favourite subject at school? You can then do the same with the other campers in your Activity Group. Also try paying someone a compliment, that can get a conversation going too. Or teach them your favourite card game or show them how to make a friendship bracelet!

teenage boy tennis uk summer camp england
teenage boy tennis uk summer camp england

2. It’s different to last year

If you have been to one of our camps before or a different camp, you might start comparing it to previous experience which is completely normal but give this year a chance. Some of your friends from last year or your favourite member of staff might not have returned this year but there are plenty of new faces who are just as awesome and might take a day or two to get know. Change can be a good thing too – be open to trying new activities and talking to people from different countries, cultures and religions!

3. I miss my family and friend

Missing your friends and family back home is completely normal and we can promise you, you won’t be the only one who has this thought. Talk to your friends about it, they’ll be there to support you, even on day one!

4. This food isn’t what I’m used to at home

Our camps are very international and that is something we are proud of. With lots of our campers coming from overseas, our menu might be different to the food you are used to eating at home. Try everything – you might find your new favourite meal and until you try something, you won’t know if you like it or not. Don’t worry about food before you come either – there is always a salad bar and bread available if you really don’t like the options on offer.

5. I’m going to love it here

After that first evening of bonding with your dorm and playing lots of ‘get to know you games’ with your Activity Group or Coloured Team, we hope you’ll be heading to bed, absolutely buzzing for your stay at XUK Camps. Make the most of every minute as time flies when you’re having fun!

Not long to go now...