Our Year In Numbers

As always, it has been a very busy year but we wouldn’t want it any other way! Once the summer is over, we like to reflect on the amazing year that we have had and have come up with some number to share with you...

1855 Campers

That’s a lot of wonderful children and teenagers age 3 – 17 who joined us during their Easter or summer holidays at XUK Activity, XUK English, XUK Excel and Mini Minors & XUK Day Camp. A couple might have attended our day camp for just one day whereas others spent up to six weeks at our residential camps!

200 Staff

temporary summer job for students teachers sports coaches uk
temporary summer job for students teachers sports coaches uk

We are very lucky to have such an amazing, talented staff team working alongside us. Whether it was their first or fifth year working, they all did a fantastic job, delivering amazing activities, teaching fun and engaging English lessons or offering pastoral care to our campers.

2722 Activities

Our staff ran SO many activities this year. There are lots on offer at all our camps from Bush Craft to Zumba and Gaga to Fencing! We are always looking for new ideas to offer even more variety next year...

49 Trips

Trips are always very popular at our residential camps. They are an opportunity to go off site, have a look around, soaking up British culture and do a spot of shopping. We also offer ‘Optional Extras’ to attractions such as the theme park and local stables.

11,921 Photographs Taken

Did it even happen if you didn’t take a photo? We try and capture as many moments as possible and this summer we took thousands of photos! 11,921 made the cut and have been uploaded onto CampMinder for you to enjoy!

542 Songs

teenage girls summer camp london uk learn english
teenage girls summer camp london uk learn english

It wouldn’t be a week at camp without our famous Saturday night Talent Show and Disco! We end each week with a boogie on the dance floor. Here at XUK Camps, we are big fans of ‘Vamos a la Playa’ and the ‘Cupid Shuffle’. What’s your summer jam?

339 Campers in English Lessons

Lots of our campers come to XUK Camps each summer to develop their English skills. We taught English in an interactive way to lots of eager campers!

17 Citizens of the Week and Star Students

Every week at our residential camps our staff nominate and vote for campers to receive our ‘Citizen of the Week’ or ‘Star Student’ award. It is a real honour to receive the award and goes to campers who are polite, enthusiastic, helpful, kind etc...

67 Countries Represented

Last year 60 countries were represented by our campers... We beat that this year with 67! Our campers came from four continents and countries including the UK, Mexico, Ukraine, Taiwan, Turkmenistan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt!

1000’s Memories Made

There is no way we could even estimate how many memories were made this summer but we know it is a lot! Camp might be over for 2018 but our memories from the summer will last a lifetime!