Counting down the days until the summer...

10 for 2... What does it mean in the context of summer camps? Ten weeks of camp for the price of two (if only)? It’s a phrase you might hear around camp or your children saying throughout the year. It might be something you only get if you’ve been to camp before.

Our summer camps run for two months of the year, July and August, so we spend ten months of the year counting down to our two favourite months. Our lives throughout the year might be quite exciting, but why do we look forward to the summer so much?

summer camp uk parachute games teenagers
summer camp uk parachute games teenagers

There is so much human interaction at camp, it is very hard to feel lonely. You will be surrounded by so many likeminded people as well as those from completely different backgrounds to you. It’s the best feeling when you are reunited with your friends from last summer, but also exciting knowing you are about to meet new friends who will teach you so much about their backgrounds and cultures and become friends for life! Lots of our campers share dormitories so every day is a sleepover day! If you do prefer a bit of alone time every now and again, there are opportunities to lose yourself in a good book during free time!

After a year of school, college (or university and work for our staff), you are more than ready to let your hair down and have a summer of fun! Particularly if you are in your final years of school, you might have felt a bit of pressure for the last year to study, but camp gives you the opportunity to enjoy being a teenager again having fun and a laugh with your friends in the great outdoors!

For some of our campers who live in big cities, these two months of summer give them an amazing opportunity to spend time outdoors and they have the chance to run free in our big open spaces! As much as we love working in our HQ in London, we love escaping to our camps to breathe in the fresh air and swap grey building for green leaves!

The very second camp ends for the year, we are back to those ten months, counting down the days until we are back in our happy place again! Join us this summer as a camper or part of our team for the summer of a lifetime and this time next year you’ll know exactly what we are talking about when it comes to 10 for 2...