summer camp friends at english school
summer camp friends at english school

What do we miss from the summer?

On this rainy October morning, Summer 2018 seems like a long time ago. We are already taking bookings for 2019 and have lots of lovely returning campers booked on but it doesn’t stop us from missing the good times we had in July and August!

Here in the XUK HQ, we know what we are missing, but we thought we would reach out to our staff and campers to see what they miss the most from Summer 2018. We had a great response and here are the things you miss the most...


Without sounding like a stuck record, ‘camp friends are the best friends’. They really are. We have lived with these people for a few weeks, had the best summer with them and now we cannot live without them. Thankfully, social media means we can all stay in touch even if we live in different time zones around the world. If you are lucky enough to live close to each other, then get those reunions lined up (and don’t forget to send us pictures)!


activity excitement uk summer camp
activity excitement uk summer camp

There is such an amazing range of activities on offer, there is something for everyone! School is great but we miss the days when we would spend the day building a raft in the morning and racing it on the lake, running around playing Alaskan Baseball after lunch, tie dying a t-shirt and then ending the day with our favourite evening activity, surrounded by our best pals in the sunshine.


We all love being on camp, but it is nice to get off site every now and again. Both campers and staff said they are missing the trips. Whether you are on a whole camp trip, sightseeing and shopping in one of the UK’s lovely cities or on an optional extra at the Aqua Park or local stables, you are guaranteed to have fun!

Saturday Evenings

If you ask a camper or team member which day of the week is their favourite, most will say Saturday. Saturday evenings end each week in the most perfect way. The evening begins with our Talent Show, giving campers the opportunity the chance to show off their skills and talents, followed by an awards ceremony where our Citizen of the Week or Star Student is announced and then finally, our famous disco! Emotions always run at the end as our departing campers say their goodbyes, as their time at XUK Camps comes to an end.

Those little things...

girls playing cards at activity summer camp
girls playing cards at activity summer camp

We also miss the ‘little things’ too. Some of our staff like to wish each other a ‘Happy New Day’ when the clock strikes midnight, something people in the real world do not get. And those times we have in the Common Rooms, playing table tennis and cards with our friends with not a single care in the world. We would give so much to be in the sunshine with our camp BFF’s again.

Bring on Summer 2019...