What do we think you should be asking us?

best summer camp in england uk sports teenagers
best summer camp in england uk sports teenagers

It won't be too long until you can register for 2019...

We know there are lots of camps out there. You will conduct your own research, trawl through lots of websites, but ultimately, you should be asking these questions...

You will be able to find most of the answers under the sections for each camp (XUK Activity, XUK English & XUK Excel), on our 'About' pages or Why XUK? Don't forget to check out our Frequently Asked Question pages too.

Camp Credibility & Reputation

1. How long has the camp been running?

2. How many campers attend each summer?

3. What is the camper return rate?

4. Is the camp Ofsted/British Accreditation Council Registered?

5. Where are the camps?

6. What are the backgrounds of the Camp Managers?

7. What makes the camps different to other camps?

8. Is the camp active on social media?

9. Are parents available to offer references?

10. Which countries do your campers come from?

Booking Process

11. What is the registration process?

12. When does registration open/close?

13. Can you add on Optional Extras after booking?

14. What is your cancelation policy?

Paying for Camp

15. How much is the deposit?

16. When is the balance due?

17. Are there any discounts available?

18. Do you accept childcare vouchers?

19. Should my child bring any pocket money?

Camp Operations

20. What are the camper to staff ratios?

21. Can my child bring a mobile phone?

22. Is there a packing list?

23. Is there a 24/7 emergency contact number?

24. What rules must my child follow?

25. How do you handle medication?

26. Is the camp English speaking?

Camper Experience

27. Which camp is best for my child?

28. What does a typical day look like?

29. How much free time do campers get?

30. How are campers grouped together?

31. What happens if my child does not want to do an activity?

32. Where will the campers go on their weekly trip?

33. Who does my child speak to if they have a problem?

34. Can I visit my child during their stay?

35. Do you think my child will be okay at camp?


36. How do you recruit staff?

37. What is the staff return rate?

38. Do your staff go through background checks?

39. How are the staff trained?

40. What are the backgrounds of your staff?

Food at Camp

41. Do you have a sample menu?

42. How are allergies catered for?

43. Is there a vegetarian option?

44. What happens if my child does not find anything they like?


45. Can my child share a room with their friend?

46. How are room allocated?

47. What is the maximum number of children in a dormitory?

48. What happens if my child does not get on with their room mates?

49. Does a member of staff sleep in their room?

50. What happens if my child has a problem during the night?

If you cannot find the answer you are looking for on our website, then please contact us, we love to chat about our camps and answer your questions!