kids raft building at uk english activity camp
kids raft building at uk english activity camp

Summer 2017 in numbers...

Today’s blog post is all about numbers. There are just 150 days between us and XUK 2018 beginning, and we cannot wait! We’ll be welcoming campers and team members from all around the world as they enjoy activities, English lessons and trips.

We thought we should share 10 fun statistics from the summer with you about our day and residential camps...

children winning awards at summer camp london
children winning awards at summer camp london

1. 17 brilliant campers won our Citizen of the Week or Star Student Award

We are as proud as punch of our Citizens of the Week and our Star Students! Each week, our staff team nominates the campers or students who they think has been the best 'citizen' - they've got impeccable manners, are team players, polite, enthusiastic and an absolutely pleasure to have at camp.

As a thank you, they are presented with a trophy, certificate AND a free week at camp for the following summer!

2. Our campers went on 44 trips during the summer

Trips are a great opportunity to explore new parts of the UK, soak up our British culture and have the opportunity do a spot of shopping.

This year we went to lots of different locations from our capital city London to local towns including Norwich and Bury St Edmunds. And that's not forgetting our Optional Extra trips to the theme park, go karting and many more exciting locations...

3. Kids & teenagers came from over 60 different countries to attend our camps

Our camps are very international and that's how we like it. There is nothing better than having friends from all around the world and learning about each others cultures.

In 2017, our campers came from 60 different countries. From the United Kingdom to Russia, Spain to Turkmenistan, China to Italy and France to Cameroon! How many nationalities will we have attending in 2018?

uk summer camp staff team summer job
uk summer camp staff team summer job

4. We employed 188 staff to work at our three residential camps and day camps in the summer

Our camps would not be able to run without our incredible, talented staff team. We are so fortunate to have so many wonderful team members who return year after year to work at our camps.

They come from such a wide range of background from university students to qualified teachers and sports coaches to paediatric nurses! We even have returning staff members who take annual leave from their 'real world' jobs because they cannot comprehend the thought of not being at XUK in the summer!

5. 538 songs were danced to at our Saturday Night Discos

Our discos are so famous, you could go to another part of the world and rumour has it somebody would have heard to them! They are a great way to end each week and a chance to really let your hair down as you boogie your way into the night...

Some of our favourite hits include the Spanish classic 'Vamos a la playa' and 'Jungle Skank'.

6. An astonishing 1,835 different campers attended our camps over the summer

We welcomed almost two thousand to our camps this year to our residential and day camps. Why did the fun have to end?

fencing activity camp uk london england kids teenagers
fencing activity camp uk london england kids teenagers

7. Our dream team ran 2,697 high quality activities

The XUK staff team have many talents which means we can provide such a wide range of activities every day to our campers. From Water Zorbing to Colour Wars and Quad Biking to Football Golf - there really is something for everyone!

Watch this space to find out about our new activities for XUK 2018...

8. 10,616 pictures were uploaded to our Flickr account

Memories are precious and we like to document as many as we can. Last summer we uploaded a staggering amount of photos onto our Flickr page (and that doesn't include the rejects which were blurry)!

9. 64,100 (approx.) meals were consumed by our campers and staff team

Food, glorious food... We are so busy each day with our activities, we burn off a lot of energy. It's very important that we have three meals a day at our residential camps and a good packed lunch at our day camps!

10. And an infinite amount of memories were made

It would be impossible to count how many memories were made in the summer. New friendships were made, new activities were taken part in and so much laughter could constantly be heard about our camps!

Bring on XUK 2018! We hope you are just as excited as we are...