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Girl running smiling
Girl swimming at day camp XUK and Mini Minors
Girl swimming at day camp XUK and Mini Minors

Fun Summer Swims

During the summer we aim for the 5-6's at Mini Minors and the 7-13's at XUK Day to have a fun swim session each week.

We make sure that these sessions are as fun and safe as possible...

Two qualified lifeguards will be present as well as additional staff who will watch from the side. Please note that the lifeguards do not enter the pool unless assistance is required.

You will find out your child's swimming day at the beginning of the week. There is no fun swimming on Mondays.

All children in the 7 + age group take a swimming test to determine their swim capabilities. They will then be given a swimming hat which indicates ability and highlights any issues that the lifeguards and staff should constantly be aware of.

All 5 - 6's wear armbands. Safety is our absolute priority and we want to maximise time in the water, carrying out swim assessments would reduce this. we are happy that this system works best for the session as a whole and is consistent with our values.

Girl swimming at day camp XUK and Mini Minors