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Activity Residential CampActivity Residential Camp
Residential UK summer camp in 2016 with wide range of challenging and exciting activities. XUK offers multi-activities for boys and girls from 6 - 17 years old. Children and teens spend between one and four weeks of their summer holidays at XUK
Boy on water slide
Excel Activity CampExcel Activity Camp
A specialist Summer Activity camp in the UK. Choose from Sports, Performing Arts, Water Sports & Adventure or Photography & Film Making
Children on surf boards
Day CampDay Camp
Kids day camps in London from arts and crafts and parachute games to skipping workshops, sports activities and Mr Tickle the clown, Mini Minors covers a vast range of activities for 3 - 13 year olds
Girl running smiling
English Summer SchoolEnglish Summer School
English Summer School based near London. Learn English with our high quality lessons and activities. Unforgettable experience for international students.
  • XUK English in Español
  • XUK English in Hebrew - עברית
  • XUK English in Italiano
  • XUK English in Français
  • XUK English in 中文 - Chinese
  • XUK English in Deutsch
  • XUK English in 日本語 - Japanese
Children in classroom

Learning English through doing

Learning English through doing

Some people learn through watching, others through listening, but we believe that the best way to learn something new is to try it!

The current theory of language teaching relies heavily on the ideas of ‘communicative purpose’ and ‘authenticity’. Teachers go to great lengths to create these conditions in the classroom, but at XUK English we have them in abundance.

Morning lessons provide exposure to new language and time for reflection on it, whilst afternoon activities create the perfect conditions for practice. Asking what’s for lunch is excellent practice for low-level learners to try out their vocabulary, whilst stronger students can get creative and collaborate on writing songs for the talent show.

All of this practice helps build what is possibly the most important factor of success in learning another language – confidence. If you don’t try, you never succeed, and at XUK English it’s all about trying something new.